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Фильтры для очистки питьевой воды,
запчасти и комплектующие к фильтрам.


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Filter "ROSA-411" for washing machine

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Filter "ROSA-411" is designed to further purification of tap water and its mitigation, protecting the heating elements and the inner surface of the washing machine on the formation of scale. Installed on the crane to hose water supply, virtually without reducing its pressure.

Distinguishing features:

  • doing your laundry soft and fresh;
  • increase the life of the washing machine;
  • reduces the amount of powder used;
  • small operating costs;
  • easy to install and operate.


  • collapsible transparent body with polyphosphate;
  • Internal and external thread 3/4".

The recommended frequency of replacement of polyphosphate – 6 months.


  • Dimensions - D65h130 mm
  • Weight without cartridge - 0.235 kg


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