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Фильтры для очистки питьевой воды,
запчасти и комплектующие к фильтрам.


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Filter ROSA-231 Trio for hard water

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Filter ROSA-231 Trio for hard water

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Filter ROSA-231 Trio for hard water

In the new housing used material with improved strength characteristics. Also changed the design of the seal assembly that allows for easy twisting and no leaks.

Designed for cleaning and softening of drinking water with total hardness more than 6 meq / l.

It is under the sink, connected to a water pipe, the diameter of connecting thread - ½ ". It has included a separate tap purified water and all other details necessary for the installation and operation. Designed for use standardized 10-inch cartridges.

The first stage is set cartridge mechanical treatment "ROSA-511", which ensures removal of sand, rust and other mechanical impurities. The second cartridge pressed coal "ROSA-541" for pre-absorption and cleaning on the third - finishing cartridge cleaning and softening "ROSA-551" to remove chlorine and its compounds, iron, heavy metals, radionuclides, the removal of foreign tastes and odors , water softening. The use of cartridges other purposes.


  • Working pressure - 6 kg / cm ², maximum - 16 kg / cm ².
  • Maximum temperature - 40 ° C.
  • Used cartridges - 10 inches;
  • Performance at a pressure of 4 kg / cm ² - 4 l / min;
  • Recommended periodicity of replacement cartridges - 6 months;
  • Dimensions – 380x120x340 mm;
  • Weight without cartridges - 4.270 kg.


  • trykorpusnyy cleaning unit;
  • node connectivity;
  • purified tap water;
  • connecting tube ¼ ";
  • Key to the bulb;

cartridges, "Rosa-511", "Rosa-541", "Rosa-551."


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