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Фильтры для очистки питьевой воды,
запчасти и комплектующие к фильтрам.


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Filter "ROSA-241" OSMOSIS notebook

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Storage tank 12l included!

The whole system, except the storage tank is located in a compact package. Filter with elegant appearance, can complement the interior of your kitchen. Designed to clean drinking water. Reverse osmosis system to date are most effective in purifying water, removing 96-99% of ALL contaminants.

The storage tank is installed under the sink. The system connects to the water supply must complete a separate faucet purified water and all other details necessary for installation and operation. Use possible with pressure water system> 3kh/sm ², with less pressure used filter "ROSA-242" "ROSA-243" "ROSA-261" with pump.

In a compact body are unified quickly cartridges "ROSA-592" 1m "ROSA-593" designed for pre-treatment of water before membrane. Reverse osmosis membranes productivity 125G "ROSA-581" skips only H2O, directing everything that has not gone through it in the drainage. Just as in the domestic systems of other manufacturers out of pure water is 20 - 25% of water. At this rate affect the temperature, pressure and salt content.

Purified water is collected in a tank and accumulated before consumption through Postfilter "ROSA-591 (T33)." After filling the storage tank discharge water drainage stops.


  • Connecting to the water supply - ½ ".
  • Operating pressure - 6 kg / cm ², maximum - 16 kg / cm ².
  • Maximum temperature - 40 ° C.
  • Used cartridges - Unified rapidly cartridges "ROSA-592" 1m "ROSA-593";
  • Productivity at NU (Pressure = 5.5 kg / cm ², t = 20 ° C, TDS <500ppm) - 473 l / day;
  • The recommended frequency of replacement cartridges and postfilter - 6 months;
  • Lifetime membrane - 3-5 years;
  • Dimensions - 310h100h390 mm + tank D300h400 mm;
  • Weight without cartridges - 2.760 kg.


  • Compact cartridges, membrane and postfilter;
  • storage tank;
  • node connectivity;
  • purified tap water;
  • clamp drainage;
  • connecting tube ¼ ";
  • key to building membrane;
  • mounting fixture.


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