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Фильтры для очистки питьевой воды,
запчасти и комплектующие к фильтрам.


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Filter "ROSA-251" OSMOSIS standart

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Filter Filter Filter

Designed to clean drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems to date are most effective in water purification, removing 96-99% of ALL contaminants.

Filter cumulative tank installed under the sink, connected to water supply, has included a separate tap purified water and all other details necessary for the installation and operation. Use possible at a pressure in the water supply system> 3kh/sm ², with less pressure filter is used, "ROSA-261" with pump.

Trykorpusnyy block with uniform 10-inch cartridges "ROSA-511" 20m, "ROSA-541", "ROSA-511" 5m is designed for pre-treatment of water before the membrane. RO membrane "ROSA-581" skips only H2O, directing all that is passed through it in the drainage. Just as in the domestic systems of other manufacturers out of pure water is 20 - 25% of water. This influences the temperature, pressure and salt content.

Purified water is collected in a tank and to the cumulative consumption through Postfilter "ROSA-591". After filling the storage tank discharge water in the drainage stops.


  • Connection to water supply - ½ ".
  • Working pressure - 6 kg / cm ², maximum - 16 kg / cm ².
  • Maximum temperature - 40 ° C.
  • Used cartridges - 10 inches;
  • Performance at N.U. (Pressure = 5.5 kg / cm ², t = 20 ° C, TDS <500ppm) - 180 l / day;
  • Recommended periodicity of replacement cartridges and Postfilter - 6 months;
  • The service life of membranes - 3-5 years;
  • Dimensions - mm + 380h120h340 D300h400 mm;
  • Weight without cartridges - 5.760 kg.


  • trykorpusnyy block cleaning of the membrane and Postfilter;
  • storage tank;
  • node connectivity;
  • purified tap water;
  • clamp drainage;
  • connecting tube ¼ ";
  • Key to the bulb;
  • cartridges, "ROSA-511" 20m, "ROSA-541", "ROSA-511" 5m, reverse osmosis membrane "ROSA-581", Postfilter "ROSA-591".


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Порадуйте себя и своих близких новыми фильтрами для воды «Роса»


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