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13 ноября 2018 г.

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Новогодние скидки

01 декабря 2017 г.

Друзья! Как всегда, перед Новым годом, наша компания дарит Вам нереальные скидки на свою продукцию!
Порадуйте себя и своих близких новыми фильтрами для воды «Роса»


Фильтры для очистки питьевой воды,
запчасти и комплектующие к фильтрам.

Ukrainian manufacturer of water filters Rosa®

Production of water filters in our company started in 2005 with the release of a standardized 10-inch shell.

The assortment of products Rosa® has increased significantly. These are filter jugs, one-, two-, three-corps flow systems, reverse osmosis filters are several types, a variety of cartridges for all these filters, cartridges for industrial water treatment etc. (see: Products).

By the way, that most of the products are produced on our own equipment from domestic raw materials. At the same time we use the best imported components and raw materials of leading world producers.

To prepare the mixture of filter we used ion exchange resins Dow Chemical and coals Chemviron Carbon. Good performance of treated water provides by natural filtration materials with unique properties: Shungite, Zeolite, Silica. In addition, reverse osmosis and ultra-filtration membranes Filmtec, used for Rosa®, are the best in their field.

High-quality purified water faucets and brass plated connection with miniature valves, fittings quick John Guest – all provide filters Rosa® quality. The design of our filters and filter compositions of mixtures are protected by more than ten patents for inventions and utility models.

Filters Rosa® received top awards: they are among the "100 best products", and our company – the owner of the Grand Prix "Highest Standard". In 2010, the filters Rosa® certified by State Standard of Ukraine. Certification is voluntary and is conducted to confirm the quality of our products.

We work to ensure that our customer drinks pure water!